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Fun of learning music production courses

Are you passionate about music and want to have your own production? Well, listening to music is one of the best things a person can do in a day to light up their mood. Be it a party or you are alone, either you are with your friends or in public; whenever any of your favorite track is played out you can feel the emotion. Music is powerful and the best part is that we always wait for new releases to get them added to our collection.

But for every person, they have different tastes in music and so does the need arises for producing new tracks which can win the heart of the mass. You may be passionate to start your own production house and might be confused about whether your produced music can go well or not. But you must realize that music is a never-ending business and people always want to consume something new.

The only thing that you must have is love and passion for music and if so then you are in the right place. Producing music is fun and a fabulous way to express yourself. But many times we are not sure of how to start and maybe confused that it may be a costly affair.To help you out we researched more into the topic and found out some of the most valuable online music production courses for you.

List of Best Music Production Courses

  • Music Production in Logic Pro X – The Complete Course
  • Recording your Own Music: A Step-by-Step Guide for Musician
  • Sound Design 102: Using Synthesis for Music Production
  • The Complete EDM Production Course
  • The DIY Music Specialisation

Through this article, our experts are committed to getting you connected to some of the best music production tutors worldwide who have years of knowledge in the subject and know well what challenges newbies can face. So to know more about how things will work in your first step process, let’s be confident in our goals and dive into the details of the best-reviewed online music production courses as of today.

1. Music Production in Logic Pro X – The complete course!

One of the best online courses in music that you can do today with things like creating, mixing, and recording music without any complication by using a well-developed software called Logic Pro X. You as a creator of your music should not worry about the production as you will be able to create and make songs more professionally.

This course is well supported in MacBook or apple devices and the music composition and production is done through Logic Pro X software, which is used by most professional studios worldwide. It guides you on how to create your tracks technically with the guidance of using DAW correctly for quality improvement and speeding up your creation.

About the creator of Logic Pro X, Mr. Tomas George is a renowned music creator and through his huge experience, he has trained and helped more than 200,000 students. As he rightly says learning should be quick and efficient and information must be solid enough to get digested fast by the learner and this course is structured in such away. With his video demonstration of around 50 hours, he will cover you up with the following topics.

  • Setting up Logic Pro X
  • Creating music with Apple loops and live loops
  • Creating music with MIDI/software instruments
  • Writing own beats
  • Using step sequencer
  • Using drummer and its process
  • Recording audio and much more…

You will experience the fun of music creation through Logic Pro X as it supports everything you want as a newbie without wanting to invest highly in costly instruments. Also along with it, you will get to learn from the behind-the-scenes workshops of the vocal recordings and high-rated interviews with professionals from the music industry.  

Either you are a beginner or have some knowledge about music creation if you wish to improve on your skills this platform will be sufficient. And if you have good ideas and have written a few songs on your own, you can quickly develop and create some enthralling music through Logic Pro X after finishing your training here.

2. Recording your own music: A step by step guide for Musician

If you are a songwriter and facing challenges in producing your music because of its huge costing issue then this course is the best option for you. For any beginner, it is always a factor and with that limited budget if you can record your songs at the comfort of your home then it will be a huge relief to your pocket.

This course is designed to help you with the skills and confidence you require for producing your own music, without depending on any production houses. But before getting into the course you must have the following setup available.

  • Mac or PC computer, entry-level audio interface, XLR microphone, headphones
  • REAPER DAW (If you don’t have it you can download a free version)
  • Have your own songs written (If not, you will be explained with their example songs for instruction)

You will be trained on how to fix the timing and tunings by properly editing and compiling the best out of it. On your PC you will be guided on how to set up your audio interface and REAPER DAW software. As the software is having a mixture of technicalities you must know how the interface works and from where you can get the right tune that fits your song. You will learn to export your final editing after production and also how to use an XLR microphone for mixing it up with electric instruments during recording.

This software is highly suitable for beginners and with 4.5 hours of on-demand videos you will be explored through the complete usage of this music production software. To benefit you with updated resources you will get to access their well-written two articles, along with 15 downloadable resources.

3. Sound design 102: Using synthesis for music production

Either you are a beginner or an active musician this class is designed for those who want to design music through the synthesizer. Being structured to be used in any software, this course uses both Ableton Live and Propellerheads’ Reason for designing sounds. You will be guided with the usage process of the synthesizer irrespective of whichever software you are using.

Synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument useful for designing music through its audio signals and here you will be covered 3 fundamental topics.

  • Usage of synthesis for generating sound
  • Usage of synthesis for creating new sounds and variations
  • Usage of synthesis for controlling drum sounds and their pattern

Created by Dr. Jason Allen, he is a renowned professional musician and university instructor. Being recognized by the Grammy Foundation for his contribution to music, he helps aspiring musicians with his knowledge and has developed some unique technologies and methods that produce outstanding music.

No course will benefit unless it has some practical guidance, thus to understand sound designing in a deeper context you can explore his content that will help you to start a successful musical career.

Things to learn:

  • 4 elements of Synthesis
  • Sound creation as per your thoughts
  • Filter, Amplifier, Glide, & Velocity control
  • Designing sound using any synthesizer
  • Oscillator, Envelope, Trigger modes, FM synthesis, and much more.

Therefore if you do not want to get into complexities and are looking to learn something which can be fast and easy to process, learning a synthesizer can help you to make your designed sounds in a professional way and with ease.

4. The complete EDM production course

If you are planning to master the production techniques of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) then this course is designed completely for you to hone your production skills. It is suitable for aspiring EDM musicians who want to explore the ocean of knowledge and learning, they need to be successful music producers. You neither require any experience nor do you require any software or any plugins and you will be trained on the following points.

  • How to produce your own EDM from scratch?
  • Creating professional soundtracks with mixing
  • Quick processing of new tracks (start to finish)
  • Increase followers by upgrading your EDM production skills
  • Recreating sound in synthesizer and much more.

You should not be worried while starting this course because you will be trained from basics like audio, midi, loops, and the required plugins. After finishing the basic as you become accustomed to the concept, you will then be trained on the next steps of production like workflow, mixing, synth usage, and how to develop a track for a better version.

The learning should be always starting from basic and moving towards advanced and so does this program do, which helps newbies to build up their confidence through practical exposure to the subject. The only thing that you must be passionate about is to be creative in nature so that your interest can match up with this course which is very simple to follow without getting bored.

5. The DIY Musician Specialization

Our next choice to help you out with your search is DIY musician specialization. One of the most talked-about online music production courses, this specialization is all about acquiring skills of writing songs and moving toward how to market them to the end consumers.

As music is all about connecting your thoughts with people, you must learn the art of songwriting. So if you are not sure how to write songs, learn the tools and techniques to create one. It has 4 specializations and all will be covered step by step right from how to write a piece of music, using tools for editing, and finally marketing it to the public.

The Specializations are as below:

  • Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics
  • The Art of Music Production
  • Pro Tools Basics
  • Building your career in music: Developing a Brand and funding your band

So as a newcomer if you are unsure of how to step your foot in this industry, this course can help you as a footprint. It is not necessary to be an expert to make a name for yourself. Your learning and then its implementation with your unique thoughts is what is expected out after learning this course and the tools and process are explained well to help you develop your skills.  


The music industry is huge and a challenging place to make a name for yourself. But this million-dollar industry has always seen an upward trend throughout the world. Though it is difficult to compete with the best you always have a place for yourself if you have good creativity. Music lovers are always open to new songs and so it can be your music too.

But as rightly explained in this article producing the best music is a costly affair. Thus to help you out with the above listed best online music production courses, our experts are committed not only to help you with learning from them but also with their music production tools which help to create professional music. We hope you get the best one out of it and your thoughts if we have missed out on any of it kindly put it out in the comments below so that we can research and help you with a good reading experience.

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