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Fun of learning-Best Online Cooking Classes

Cooking is the best way to spend your day and as a newbie, it can turn out to be a huge surprise to your loved ones, if you prepare their favorite food. But as a beginner, if you do not know how to chop vegetables and stuff, there is nothing to worry about as we can help you with some of the best cooking lessons which can make you a pro. Either you want to surprise your husband or you are inviting your friend for dinner we have some fabulous methods to skill you up. No, there is not a cheat technique to be the best cook but yes if you follow the steps right from start to finish, we can bet that you will end up making some delicious items that can win hearts. 

We know that anyone who is just putting their first step will have lots of things running in their head, but the only attitude in cooking that is required is patience and continuous learning. It is very simple and with time you will see the progress. To help you with your new hobby we have clubbed here some of the best online cooking classes, which are committed to not only make you a good cook but also provide you with certification if you are looking for a career through it.

List of Best Online Cooking Courses

  • Absolute Beginner Cooking Courses
  • Essential Cooking Skills
  • Ultimate Vegan Cooking Skills
  • The Chef and The Dish
  • Happy Belly Fish

Do not worry if you do some mistakes on your first day as nobody is watching but keep on viewing the videos again and again so that you improve on your next day. So let’s jump into the details and find out the benefits you will get on joining the virtual courses.   

1. Absolute Beginners Cooking Course

If you have made up your mind to cook but worried from inside as to where to start then this course is best suited for you. It is not mandatory to have any cooking knowledge as these classes are developed for those you have never cooked before. The process is designed from the point of view of a newbie which helps to develop confidence within themselves along with a set of skills so that they can learn faster and cook a wide variety of meals.

So either you have recently shifted to a new place for work, or you are a university student staying away from home, you will only need some basic kitchen utensils. Committing to help the beginners irrespective of their different tastes because of cultural differences, the skills imparted through their program will give you a universal idea of cooking so that you can start preparing the best one according to your taste. With its informative on-demand videos you will get lifetime access to their content with upgraded tips and knowledge. The major learning you will get here are:

  • Step by step guide of cooking through short videos about basics
  • Cooking simple meals and quick snack that saves time and money
  • How to be a confident cook?
  • Quick techniques used by Pros for the best outcome.

In addition to it, the lesson plan is structured into 3 sections of 25 lectures, in which the first section of 17 lectures is designed to make you familiar with the cooking world. You will learn about the simple kitchen tools you will need to start and, slowly and steadily they will direct you towards all the information you will require like how to boil an egg (example) and some techniques you must know in regards to this. After this, your next 6 lectures will be on desserts or sweets, and the last 2 lectures are equipped with some cool tips and guidance which you must always keep in mind.

2. Essential Cooking Skills

Master the basics of cooking techniques and make a variety of dishes by learning from one of the topmost tutors in this industry. As cooking is all about how you execute your ideas and put your heart into them, you will enjoy it more by experimenting with your thought process continuously and so does this course help you to do so.

Even if you are a beginner and passionate to learn you will be able to notice your improvement within a period, provided you keep on preparing continuously. As a part of the curriculum, you must note and understand HOW to cook, rather than WHAT to cook as initially you may become confused as a newbie.

According to their lesson plan, you will be delivered with 18 lectures, wherein you will be taught about the introduction of cooking and to make you know more about it we have listed down some of the topics you will be going through.

  • How to chop onions as a professional
  • Cutting vegetables with classic cuts
  • Chopping herbs
  • Making vegetable cream soup
  • How to cook veg and non-veg dishes
  • Making white chicken stocks
  • Making brown beef stocks and many more…

As the course is inspired to aware you of simple cooking techniques, it is designed with 17 processes or techniques that will help you to prepare any dishes of your choice. As believed universally by any renowned chefs, a dish becomes highly successful when it is prepared in the right combination of ingredients and flavor. Through this course, you will get exposure and learnings from the experiences shared by renowned professional chefs who have years of experience in preparing international cuisine.

3. The Ultimate Vegan Meal Prep Course

If you are a vegan and are looking to learn to make vegan food with ease then this course is the right fit for you. Maybe you are not sure as to how to turn on the oven but very keen to make some delicious items there is nothing to worry about as you will be given complete demonstrated videos to learn quick recipes’.

As most learners go for this course, it is one of the best-reviewed courses for its useful knowledge provided about meal prepping. Meal prepping is the process of preparing meals for days in advance. This helps to save a lot of time, especially for people who are office goers or students who want quick meals. 

You will not only learn to make delicious vegan dishes but also learn the techniques that will help you to save lots of money each week. Fitness freaks can also stick to their goals as they can maintain a good diet as per their needs of carbs and protein. There are lots to learn here and to name a few we have shared below some of the topics that you will go through.

  • Learn meal prepping
  • Kitchen etiquettes and arrangements
  • How to save time and money and prepare delicious food
  • Simple vegetable cutting techniques
  • How to create meals with ease with never running out of new ones
  • Simple mouthwatering meal preparation in 1 hour and many more…

So if you want to use your extra time and start making meals that you have always wanted, you will love to spend time making varieties of vegan food every day.

4. The Chef and the Dish

Being reviewed as one of our best online cooking classes wherein you will get personalized program from some of the best chefs around the world, on the cooking lessens that you want to learn. Being featured in topmost media houses for their unremarkable teaching methods, they are recognized for their best guidance provider for cooking some of the most unique and fabulous dishes. Experienced chefs from around the world who have enjoyed success throughout their career are using this platform to share their experience with beginners, and through their varieties and unique process of preparing dishes, there are many tips that you can learn here.

If you are an American and want to learn Mexican dishes for your new restaurant, or if you are inviting your Italian friends to your party and would like to surprise them by preparing some delicious Italian dishes, it is very simple to quickly learn from the best-supported platform they are providing. You can get information about the chef you want to learn from by going through their verified profile and stay informed about the best items which they prepare and are famous for.

Their virtual online classes are one of the best in the industry and you can easily book and follow classes in the comfort of your home. Only thing is that you must have your laptop or tablet with an in-built camera and sound and high-speed internet. Check out which classes you want to go for and you are good to move ahead by selecting it. Book your date and time and it’s all done. You will be provided with a kitchen assistant next who will guide you with all requirements you must have so that your cooking experience gets smoother. 

On the day of your cooking class when you are ready, you will be connected over skype, and boom! That’s it. With their warm and friendly personalized coaching methods, it will take your learning experience to the next level.

5. Happy Belly Fish

Our next selected platform is more inclined towards the preparation of healthy food items. If you are a fitness freak and have recently started to take care of a healthy diet then you are in the right place. Eating healthy is beneficial for everyone but our daily working lifestyle usually makes it difficult to maintain. But you must be aware of recipes that can help you follow a daily healthy eating process so that within a period you can feel the difference. 

In case you do not know the preparation methods of making dishes with natural herbs and plants, there comes a huge solution for you to learn it well from some of the best tutors in this industry.

Happybellyfish is a favorable platform to learn healthy recipes at the comfort of your home and you can easily connect with the coaches who will educate you on the process and usefulness of eating nutritious vegetables. Their traditional cooking methods will include preparing sugar-free items like cakes or preparing healthy snacks without refined products. 

We all know natural plants have lots of nutrition but we must also know how to prepare them so that our body can get proper nutrition. Excessive cooking of plants will never help you to get the exact nutrition which you require and thus you can learn the exact process of cooking them along with the usage of herbs and spices that have healthy dietary supplements.

You can either have good cooking knowledge or you may know nothing, their online cooking classes are managed by renowned experts from all over the world who know what it takes to be a good cook and has been a source of inspiration for thousands of successful students worldwide.


Irrespective of any culture you belong to, cooking is a very vast subject and every successful cook has their specialties. Someone may cook the best Mexican food but he may not be very good at making Chinese dishes. You have to analyze what type of food you like to have and the purpose behind taking online cooking classes. If you want to become a chef then your knowledge has to be vast with varieties but if you want to learn for your daily diet at home then with limited knowledge you can execute a lot and later can upgrade yourself. So we hope that the above-selected platforms help you to find the best online cooking class that fulfills your purpose and if we have missed out on anything we would like to hear from you in the comments below.

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