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Deep learning specialization

5 Best Deep Learning Specialization Courses for beginner

Information technology is advancing at a rapid rate and there is a huge transformation that has taken place in recent years. The advancement of technology has not only helped in economic development but has also produced new jobs opportunities. Deep learning specialization is one such trending skill that everyone is talking about nowadays. It is a subset of machine learning and most of the new algorithms depend upon it, making it the most required knowledge that you must have. 

As most organizations are hiring deep learning developers, the increasing demand has helped many IT professionals earn a huge salaries. If you want to start freelancing and provide business services, then you have a great opportunity to make a good client base. Many organizations are looking for solutions to their problems and are updating their software based on deep learning. One of the major benefits of deep learning is that the results can be optimized very quickly with fewer errors

A person who wants to learn a new skill in the field of programming and data analysis must learn deep learning. It is a skill set that is not only in demand for huge job opportunities but you will also learn a lot of mathematical and statistical tools like optimization code, error functions, etc. It is a vast concept and will need some time investment. Therefore, the best way to learn nowadays is online by taking help from the best teachers. 

Keeping this as a point to help our readers, our team of experts has reviewed and selected the best online platforms for the deep learning specialization program. In this article, we will inform you about the best certification online courses that will help you to learn deep learning concepts and take up your knowledge from basic to advanced levels.

Top Five Certified Deep Learning Courses

  • Deep Learning and neural networks with python(Skillshare)
  • Complete Guide to TensorFlow for Deep Learning with Python(Udemy)
  • Deep learning projects masterclass 2021: Build AI web apps(Udemy)
  • Deep learning training-TensorFlow Certification(Edureka)
  • Deep learning Specialisation(Coursera)

1. Deep Learning and neural networks with python(Skillshare)

This course is by one of the best certified online course providers – Skillshare. Skillshare is famous for its well-designed course outline and level of instruction. Python has appeared as a very strong language and in recent times, many developers have shifted to this language because of its demand. As well as there is a lot of help available online related to python.

The course by skillshare is an intermediate level course which means that you need to have a know-how of python language and be able to write basic python codes yourself. This course will cover the topics that include artificial neural networks, multi-layer perception, TensorFlow, Keras, convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, variational auto-encoders (VAE’s), and generative adversarial networks (GAN). 

Starting from neural network to GAN, it is a course that will improve your basics and advance your deep learning skills to a higher level. We recommend this course if you already have some knowledge of basic level python.

2. Complete Guide to TensorFlow for Deep Learning with Python

Offered by another renowned online learning platform Udemy, this course includes great instructors and a top-rated course outline. The well-planned structure will help you to learn a thing as per what you need to know when you start initially. With a certification that is recognized worldwide this deep learning specialization course with python is delivered as per the need of the hour.

In this course, you will learn how to critically improve your data science skills, learn to use python for deep learning, learn TensorFlow and linear regression to develop models. You will also develop an app using deep learning that can predict the stock market trends. With deep learning, you will experience using java and python and the methods to bring machine learning into your android phone.

This course will bring your deep learning skills to the next level. It is a highly recommended course with a lot of people already doing it and is worth investing in if are either a beginner and experienced person.

3. Deep learning projects masterclass 2021: Build AI web apps(Udemy)

Our next on the list is another course offered by Udemy for deep learning specialization. This course will expose you to projects that you need to learn for high performance. You will learn some much-needed things related to deep learning. The top of them is its application followed by image classification, application of artificial neural networks, improve machine learning and data analysis. 

If you join the course you will get a chance to implement a pan card tempering detector, Dog Greed Prediction, Image Watermarking, Traffic Sign Classification, and Text Extraction. Your learnings through working on the projects will help to get in-depth knowledge of working on the process and a course completion certificate after finishing.

However, this course is recommended for people who have basic level knowledge of deep learning. Specially designed by an expert instructor this will upgrade new skills to work deeply on the subject that can deliver the best outcome.

4. Deep learning training-TensorFlow Certification(Edureka)

Edureka, one of the best online course certification providers has a high appreciation rate from top professionals. With quality content, they deliver updated industry-relevant problems that working professionals must learn. With their highly reputed trainers who have healthy work experiences, this course has gained popularity among professionals.

More than 20,000 learners already have taken this course and have rated this as one of the best learning they have received. That is the level of trust people showed over a space of a short period. 

In this deep learning specialization course, Edureka has ensured topics that are high in demand. Based on TensorFlow 2.0 package in Python, this course will help to master CNN, RCNN, LSTM, RNN, and RBM. As well as there will be real-time problems to solve like predicting a gender, captioning an image automatically via CNN and LSTM. 

5. Deep learning Specialisation(Coursera)

This Deep learning specialization course offered by Coursera, is high in demand for its foundational program structure. This will help you to be capable enough to understand the in-out challenges of deep learning and participate in the leading edge AI technologies development process.

In this program, you will be working in the building of neural architectures such as CNN, RNN, LSTMs, Transformers. You will work on strategies to improve them using Dropout Batchnorm, Xavier, and much more.

You will be getting career guidance with a roadmap on how to track your growth in the coming years of your professional career. These trainers are highly experienced and have been in the process of transition in this industry which will help you to get enormous inputs.

Along with it, you have the option to learn this course in various International languages like English, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, etc. By the end of the course, you will work on a hands-on project that will certify you as a deep learning specialist and a thorough understanding of the concepts done practically.


Deep learning specialization is the most required content you must learn for upskilling if you are into machine learning. Over the years the industry has evolved and with new features coming up, learning on this subject will be useful for any professional. We understand the need of the hour for any individual, either beginners or experienced professionals. Thus, our team of experts who have a high resource in this field has selected these above courses to help you get the right track. 

However, it is always suggested to have a personal overview before enrolling in any course. As all of them are highly relevant as per industry standards, but as per your requirement, you can take the next step. Hopefully, you have liked reading this article and for any suggestion, your comments will be highly appreciated for a better user experience.