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Fun of learning Best SAT online preparation courses

If you are on the verge of finishing high school and planning to go for college admission then you must be having a lot of mixed emotions in your education journey. As the excitement is high, the task to gather information and finding your best college can be a critical process. Now the very important step to move ahead is to write SAT exam. It is a globally standardized test that can be a gateway to your dream college but excepting the fact that it can be challenging.

Speaking of any standardized test to be challenging, it is always possible to get the right score with the right preparation techniques which we will discuss in this article, keeping in mind you have to balance your school curriculum and simultaneously preparing for SAT.

Who can write SAT exam?

It is preferred to write the exam while in 11th or 12th standard as this is for the admission of the undergraduate program, but the College Board has not laid down any specific age criteria. As this test is conducted for college admissions in the United States, if you are particularly planning for selected colleges over there it is always suggested to do some research on the score criteria requirement as suggested by the college. Apart from the score, any other criteria like extracurricular activities preferred, a thorough understanding of their admission process can make you the right fit in the selection process.

What is the pattern of SAT exam?

This scholastic aptitude test has a complex scoring method and the score range is between 400 – 1600. There are three sections: Reading, Writing & Language, Math, and an optional Essay section and it is suggested to take some sample papers and follow the pattern of the test. This will help you to analyze the format and can help you in your preparation mindset.

Now considering the correct preparation guidance, our experts have selected the best online SAT prep course, which will help you hone your preparation techniques and scoring the desired marks. The following are the top 5 online preparation platforms for your SAT exam.

1. Magoosh SAT Prep

Magoosh is one of the best platforms in the test prep industry and is considered to provide valuable content for online SAT preparation. It is guided by expert teachers who have themselves cleared SAT exam with a score of 99th percentile. They follow the updated content which helps in scoring high and also they guarantee a score of +100 points on your old score, or else they return your money.

One of the other best features is that you have 7 days money-back guarantee if you don’t like to go ahead with them, which shows their confidence in their content that has helped many students get to their dream score.

Either you are looking for only SAT preparation materials, or you are looking for it along with living classes combined, Magoosh offers you both the options at your convenience.

Duration of test prep only: 1 month, 3 month and 12 month.

Pricing:$100, $119 and $129 respectively.

The pricing for test prep along with living class support combined is $399 for 12 months.

2. Kaplan – SAT preparation

Kaplan offers a unique SAT preparation method and focuses mainly on key strategies like answer elimination and passage mapping. As appearing in SAT exam require a skillset and positive temperament for scoring high, Kaplan is considered one of the best platforms to learn strategical based preparation. If in case you are not aware of how to proceed, then they provide a free consultation for guiding you on your approach for preparation.

As every aspiring candidate is different in their method of preparation, Kaplan teachers are well equipped with a psychological approach to understand the candidate’s ability and then make a strategical module for their preparation. And the best part is either you score higher with Kaplan or get your money back.

Offer: On-Demand, Live Online Classes, and Unlimited Preparation

Pricing: $199, $699, $1299 respectively.

3. Testive – SAT preparation

Testive is a model designed as per what is required by an aspirant by understanding their inner abilities. They are more focused on individual performance and they do this by counseling a child, understanding their learning habits, analyzing their test scores, their learning habits, and extracurricular activities.

This process helps them in designing a personalized study approach and plan which a child can focus on and score high. Introspecting a candidate is their primary motive which has helped many aspirants to score good marks and getting placed in some of the most prestigious colleges around the world.

Their technology is designed with an adaptive learning system that understands how the candidate can easily learn. This not only helps the teacher to understand the child better but also helps the child to stay focused and motivated throughout. The practice sessions are kept short and every day the coaches will assign 20 to 30-minute practice tests. Along with a child, the parents are also kept in the loop of their child’s performance from time to time and they receive weekly reports from the coaches.

So it’s a unique platform if you want to introspect yourself to proceed further. And as a parent, if there is any doubt as to how to analyze your child’s ability in writing SAT, you can get yourself a free consultation done by their counselors.

Pricing: $399, $699, $799

Duration: 2 – 6 months (As per consultation with a counselor)

4. Kranse Institute – SAT preparation

With a tremendous record in the test prep industry, Kranse institute was formed with a vision to help students with strategical-based study rather than a traditional approach. Mr. Shaan Patel was the brain behind and he was one out of six candidates who had cleared SAT with a 2400 score. He firmly believes SAT preparation is a technique-based study and his experience and methods have helped numerous candidates achieve their dream score over the years and get placed in top-notch institutes.

They offer accessibility of 18 consecutive months of their course that can be easily accessed through mobile applications too. Videos are uniquely designed to maximize student engagement and are guided or taught by their perfect score tutors. They guarantee the highest score improvement and also a money-back guarantee if you want to opt out after 7 days of the subscription. The experiences of the past candidates who are placed in the best colleges are shared for reference which will help you to plan and target high for a good score. 

Duration: 18 months of access.

Price: $599

5. The Princeton Review

One of the best institutes with 33+ years of experience in test preparation, The Princeton review offers various services from test prep, tutoring, and admission help. With their ultimate program module, they provide end-to-end guidance from counseling a candidate regarding their college selection and personal guidance with a pathway on how to achieve it.

The study content is best in the industry which follows an upgraded content from time to time as per the need of their candidate and their delivery process is strategically designed exclusively for the online SAT preparation. They guarantee a better score and teachers are well trained for 37 hours before they are allowed to take a session. They offer different type of program but they will suggest you the best which will give you a positive result.

Programs: Essential course, SAT 1400+, SAT 1500+, Summer Camp

Pricing: $799, $1399, $233/hour, $1299


Before selecting your course, it is suggested to have proper counseling done by their verified counselor. Only you can understand better than anyone else so during a session, discuss yourself with an open frame of mind which will help the counselor to understand you better before they suggest you a program. As SAT preparation requires high temperament and positive mindset throughout, all the above program is suggested keeping in mind what is reviewed best by the candidates in term of their delivery pattern and rich content.

Our expert does thorough research before suggesting any institute and information are provided based on the experience of past student about their SAT score, online preparation reviews, live support, and student success ratio.

Which course would you like to go to for your online SAT preparation? Comment below.

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