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5 Best WordPress Courses to do Online with Certification

Before the evolution of WordPress, making a website was not at all that easy. This is the very reality that most developers now prefer WordPress for building websites. It is so easy that you can choose a theme and make your website without having any coding experience. But of course, it is the laziest way to use it. You can do a lot more with WordPress by using front-end languages to make a better interface but it needs some learning on its various tools. Thus we have come with a solution for you about your learning process, with the best online WordPress courses through this article. 

To learn WordPress you may find many sources but there is always a question mark upon the learning that you must have as a beginner. As a beginner, it is always preferred to know the interface to its depth so that any changes you want to make can be done in seconds. WordPress is a huge platform and contains a lot of features. Missing out on any feature or tool can be an obstacle to building websites.

With loads of sources available on the internet, it is always suggested to choose the right course and the platform. Also, it is not necessary to pay huge bucks for learning WordPress but yes, if you get a certification that will symbolize you as proficient. A certified course is highly recommended and it is also useful in many ways like improving your CV and working on your clients’ projects. These are some very well reputed online certified courses available to develop your WordPress skills.

In this article, we have listed some of the best online WordPress courses that will take you on the journey of this beautiful open-source platform for web development. Learning deeply with practicals is the focus and finishing with certification that makes a learner proficient is the objective behind this article.

Top Five Certified Online WordPress Courses:

  • WordPress for Beginner: Create a Website Step by Step (Udemy)
  • Create a website using WordPress: Free hosting and subdomain (Coursera)
  • WordPress Academy: Learn WordPress step by step (Skillshare)
  • Complete WordPress Course – Elementor (Udemy)
  • Create your WordPress website (Udemy)

1. WordPress for Beginner: Create a Website Step by Step (Udemy)

When we talk about building a website through WordPress, it is very important to start learning from the basic to the advanced level. Being considered as one of the best courses to start learning, Udemy has listed this as one of the highest-rated programs for newbies.

With more than 15000 students enrolled in this program, there is a high level of satisfaction that is delivered while starting your first website from scratch. WordPress learning includes a lot of practice on various tools and features in its interface. 

Brad Schiff, the creator of this course and Udemy has made sure to give you an excellent experience with a course through its platform. This course mainly includes the following process of its content.

  • You will learn to register a domain and purchase your website
  • How to install WordPress and how to keep it updated. 
  • Creating your blog and the content strategies
  • Build your WordPress website for a first look
  • Installing highly recommended plugins
  • Creating pages, navigation menus, and widgets
  • Selecting the best-suited theme
  • Contact US page creation and Guarding ourselves against SPAM 

This is although a very basic outline but you learn a lot of skills while you follow the step-by-step process of website building. So either you want to create your website for business or you want to provide services to your clients, this is the top choice for many learners. 

2. Create a website using WordPress: Free hosting and subdomain (Coursera)

Coursera is one of the best platforms that has always provided great instructors and content. In our next choice for the best WordPress courses, this course is highly recommended if you want to use WordPress with free hosting and subdomain. 

With limited or no knowledge of programming skills, you can start learning this program. You will be able to register on 000webhost for free hosting and subdomain. By the end of this course, you will build an amazing medical website. 

With more than 13000 learners enrolled in this course, Priya Jha through her experience has trained with an outline that gives a clear learning process and the know-how of the interface completely. The course will take you through the following content:

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • How to set up WordPress and obtain free hosting
  • Learn and know about the Dashboard in WordPress
  • Learn to use plugins and themes as well as permalinks
  • How to add demo content, sliders, etc.
  • Learn widget section and feature section
  • Widgets functions
  • How to add menu and related items

This is helpful for new learners as you will be taken through step by step process to work on WordPress. You will be working on guided projects so that your learning includes hands-on experience of the project that you will work on. In the 2 hours of the content, you will experience your first journey as a beginner and end up with a professional certificate that you can showcase as your skillsets.

3. WordPress Academy: Learn WordPress step by step (Skillshare)

Our next course on the list is offered by skillshare in which you will learn to work on HTML and CSS skills. We have listed this for the learners who have limited knowledge of these programming languages. However, this course needs a lot of dedication to take you to next level. 

You can join this course and gather experience in building great themes or websites by working on updated projects. At the end of this course, you will be introduced to the process of converting an HTML & CSS website to a functional WordPress theme. Some of the content that will be introduced to you are as follows:

  • Why WordPress is a better option?
  • Method to get free live Hosting.
  • How to install MAMP
  • Working on different blogs setup process
  • PHP and the working process 
  • Themes development
  • Learning about WordPress official website
  • WordPress all the files and folders and many more…

Though a newbie can learn the course if they are interested to learn PHP, HTML, or CSS it is suggested to upgrade their knowledge with quick learning ability. If you can learn these programming languages then this will always give you an upper hand in building websites more effectively. And this course is all about training you from the basic to the advanced level either you are a beginner or an expert. 

4. Complete WordPress Course – Elementor (Udemy)

Elementor is one of the coolest website builder tools that allows to create and edit websites through the drag and drop technique. Used by topmost website builders this tool or software has a lot of features to learn that can help you to be self-dependent on your choice to build a website.  

This course is also designed by Ferdy Korpershoek who is a master trainer for element and will give various ideas of creating websites through elementor. With over 36000 students who have taken this course, this is one of the top-selling courses offered by Udemy. You will be taken through the following course content: 

  • Install WordPress and know-how on domain and hosting
  • Building a website from scratch and install the themes
  • Become an expert both in Elementor and WordPress
  • Develop beautiful pages and create an amazing portfolio
  • Working on DIVI theme for website building and many more…

In the 7 hours of the on-demand video content, you will learn through various case studies and every topic very deeply. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars to learn WordPress as it will cost you a very nominal cost. Also, it is praised as one of the best-reviewed content and a reason for which the number of enrollments is increasing every day.

5. WordPress for beginners: Create your WordPress website (Udemy)

Another program in our list of best online WordPress courses is a beginners course offered by Udemy. Created by Phil Ebiner, he has trained over 2 lakh learners through this medium and is rated as one of the influential trainers when it comes to WordPress training.

In his over 7 hours of video content, he will take you through his training presentation of creating a website from scratch. Either it is a blog or an e-commerce website you can learn the pattern for creating as per concept and make you ready with superb ideas for creation. Some of the learning processes that you will be taken through this course are as follows:

  • Create your website from WordPress. 
  • Design it according to your imagination
  • Learn to publish securely and economically.
  • Customizing your website
  • Design pages, menus, and other related functions
  • Installing the theme as per your niche
  • Method to find and install a plugin
  • Learn to back up WordPress in case of hacking
  • How to make GOOGLE and other search engine find your website. 

As a part of this course, you can download about 12 articles that will be useful in your learning phase as you can get case studies to study. Also, this platform will offer you lifetime access to this course after you enroll so that anytime you can come back to study.


As business are shifting their focus from offline to online, there is been an exponential growth in website developers. So either you learn to build a website for your business or want to do freelancing, learning WordPress can give you a huge opportunity to grow in the future. Our team of experts has listed the above best online WordPress courses for you, which are taken after reviewing various aspects. As you must get the updated and best-valued courses we want your learning to get simpler. Do let us know the course that you have opted for and your take on it.