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best online product management certification courses

Top Product Management Online Certification Courses to boost up your career in Product Management

Are you a person who is creative in nature? If you have introspected yourself and have a sense of putting new ideas then Product Management will be a good option. Product management is the act of taking charge and looking after a particular product within a business. The major responsibility is to stay updated with the competition and create high value to stay on the top.

The job of a product manager requires great skills and has to move with the trend of the market. They have to continuously come up with different strategies that will make the product do well in the market.

It is very important to have continuous learning and strategize your channel while in the developing stage. A product manager takes the accolades if the product does well in the market and similarly has to take the blame if vice versa.

The art of managing products is for some categories of people and anyone who has the will can become a product manager. All the person needs is the right information from experts. Some people have dedicated their lives to this field of managing products. With the experience they have gathered over the years, they can tell you which type of product will do well in the market and the ones that will not sell well.

Experiences do come with the continuous dedication and anyone who plans to start needs to take the first step, i.e. learning. Getting high valuable teaching from some of the best trainers will help you to do fewer mistakes when you start. We have listed down some of the best online product management certification courses that will give you a boost to start an ever-growing career as a product manager.

Best Product Management Online Certification Courses:

  • PMP Certification Training / PMP Course Online/ PMP Bootcamp(Edureka)
  • Online Product Manager Training (Udacity)
  • Advanced Product Management: Leadership and Communication(Udemy)
  • Introduction to Product Management: Method and Tactics to Success(Skillshare)
  • The Product management for AI and Data Science (Udemy)

1. PMP Certification Training / PMP Course Online/ PMP Bootcamp (Edureka)

Designed as a Bootcamp, this course is recognized globally by professionals that will introduce you to the core concept of product management.

Once enrolled, your coach will provide enormous information about how to advance your skills which will help you to grow your career. Overall you will understand the requirements for taking up the course, and the certificate that will be awarded to you after its completion.

In the next section of the course, you will learn how to come up with a high-performing team. As soon as you are aware of it, you will be introduced to some projects that will give you practical experience.

One of the important topics that you will be taken through is the ‘Do the work’ process, which will help you to learn about how to keep your team on the right track. To be a successful manager, your team must be functioning well and vice versa, thus leadership quality and the right decision-making skills are very important.

2. Online Product Manager Training (Udacity)

Next in the list of best product management, online certification courses are offered by Udacity. Udacity is one such learning platform that delivers a structural training methodology. It not only focuses on delivering quality training but also offers practical exposure to its students.

This program offers a flexible learning approach that will help not only students but also working professionals, facing difficulty managing time. You will have the option to tailor your learning plan and go as per your preferable place.

The content is structured through a well-plan learning method wherein you will learn about the product strategies. This is a huge concept where-in you will learn the strategies that require the basic requirement of building a product. Understanding user needs, market research, and problem-solving features are some of the key things you must learn.

You will then be taken through the product development stages where you will learn about the various risks involved. This part is critical as all your success depends on how your target customers will react to it. You will be trained to think efficiently and overcome obstacles. Finally, while launching your product you must have a strategic plan that will make your product a success in the market.

You will do a lot of industry-relevant projects to gain practical knowledge and training from the industry experts. Other features include a technical mentor team to guide you with your subject queries from time to time. A career support guide will help you to get the proper guidance to kick start your career.

3. Advanced Product Management: Leadership and Communication (Udemy)

One of the important skills that you will enhance in this course is to develop leadership ability. Learning product management is not only about working on products stages but to have a team who are motivated to realize their goal.

Throughout the process of product management, you will face enormous competition. A team performs better when their thoughts are utilized considering the positive and the negative aspects. Therefore it requires your skills to manage them efficiently by keeping them motivated.

This course delivers the perfect blend of content that will help to develop communication and leadership skills. It’s an advanced program that will help you to understand personality types and know-how of its uses in the workspace. Some other contents include body language uses, how to get a promotion, how to present your stories, and mastering public speaking to name a few.

You will get access to 7 high-quality articles and 57 downloadable resources. Whether you want to be your own boss or want to grow in your position you can upgrade yourself through this program.

Created by Cole Mercer, he is the head of the academy at SEMrush and an ex-lead PM at Soundcloud. His influence has more than 170 million monthly users on various platforms and currently along with training he works with top clients as a consultant. If you are looking for these leadership skills, then doing this program will definitely help you to upgrade yourself both personally and professionally.

4. Introduction to Product Management: Method and Tactics to Success (Skillshare)

This course is offered by skillshare and is technically designed to upgrade your knowledge in product management. It is focused to deliver all the essential skills that will help you to manage your limited budget for developing products.

The introduction includes every proven method for any product’s success and is designed to help you strategize your development stages. You will learn about the foundational approaches and strategies, choosing the right methods for projects, key skills for an effective product manager, team handling psychological tips and tricks, and ways to customize changes when entering the market.

You will get unlimited access to every class and the contents are designed through photography, illustration, and designs that will make your learning enjoyable. Having trained thousands of students, this program offers practical exposure through their hands-on projects.

Brett Harned, the creator of the course is having more than 20 years of experience in product and people management. He is currently the director of education at TeamGants and has worked with various domains. He loves to build communication tactics that help to successfully develop coordination among people.

5. The Product management for AI and Data Science (Udemy)

This course is designed specifically to train you with a complete overview with the help of AI and data science. It is mostly suitable for learners who have a technical background and have a sound understanding of mathematics and data.

You will understand the basic understanding basic algorithms and AI that can help you fast pace your product development process. Throughout the program, you will learn how to execute business strategy along with building and testing a hypothesis. This program is structured scientifically which will help you to learn to manage AI and data, science teams. Also, you will work on SWOT analysis, and performing various case studies will give you a deep insight into various problems involved in various product development stages.

This course is designed by Danielle The, who is a senior product manager for Applied Machine Learning and has guided more than 75 million learners. Her teaching involves content delivery that is portrayed through emotion, theme, plot, and genre. Having worked in Google and Deloitte, her training includes case studies that can help you understand real-time business problems and solutions.

This training can be accessed in Udemy, which is the largest online learning platform and consists of 6 downloadable resources for your reference.  You will have lifetime access to the content, along with assignments and also a certificate after course completion.


If you are well aware of product management and its demand as of today, then you must not wait. As companies from various industries are competing to design their best product, your skills along with effective learning can raise your demand in the industry. The good thing is that you will learn continuously always, which will help you to upgrade. There is an enormous amount of content available today on the internet. Our team of experts from this field has reviewed and selected the best product management online certification courses that will help you to excel high in your career or your business.