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Toefl Preparation course

TOEFL is considered one of the toughest exams conducted is by Electronic Testing System to analyze the English language ability of non-native speakers. It is conducted around 50 times a year and is a craze among students and individuals who are aspiring or planning to move abroad. Any student who plans to appear for English testing examinations, choose from either IELTS or TOEFL.

Even though TOEFL can be tricky but with active preparation from the best-guided platforms can help you get to your desired score. You will need to acquire good strategies and evaluation tricks to be one step ahead for appearing in the exam. The passages in the reading section are too lengthy and good preparation is required in the speaking section. The most challenging thing is that it’s a 4-hour long test and your temperament is analyzed through your ability to appear in all the sections, and how you can answer some of the complicated questions.

But there is nothing to worry much about, as our team of more than 70+ expert members has highlighted some of the best online coachings for TOEFL, which you can choose from to get the best guidance in your preparation journey.

Top 6 TOEFL test preparation course online:

  • EDX TOEFL® Test Preparation: The Insider’s Guide
  • Improve your TOEFL score by Magoosh
  • Kaplan TOEFL IBT Prep
  • COMPLETE TOEFL IBT Success Course by UDEMY
  • Online TOEFL practice test by ScoreNexus
  • TOEFL Test preparation with Andrea

1. The Insider’s Guide by EDX (TOEFL Test Preparation)

The preparation methodology for TOEFL as conducted by Edx focuses on each section strongly with a very strategic and planned approach. Any candidate who is not having a plan on how to start their preparation can completely rely on Edx, which has years of expertise in training and preparing students mentally to achieve their dream score.

Time management can be a challenging factor while writing TOEFL, which you will be trained on. The expert trainers have a very strategic plan for reading, speaking, writing, and listening. You will be guided with a very effective vocabulary module that will help you to apply while appearing for the test. Most importantly you will be needing tips and tricks to appear for this test and the Edx trainers are the best in the industry to deliver.

Let us check some of the key highlights which you will learn in their TOEFL preparation online course.

  • Improvement in your English language skills.
  • How will you manage your time?
  • Navigating tips on all sections for best scoring.
  • How to use TOEFL score for Study, Visa, Employment or Scholarship
  • Additional resources about TOEFL preparation
  • Tips and techniques for preparation help

The course is self-paced as per your convenience and will be instructed with interactive live video sessions, a discussion forum, and sample questions for solving. Also, you will be guided on how to register for the test if you find any difficulty; the best part is they are giving this course for free. But in case if you want a certificate then you are required to pay for it.

2. Improve your TOEFL score by MAGOOSH

The best part of Magoosh is that they offer a 7-day refund guarantee if you do not want to continue. But if you are using their platform you will definitely get an amazing learning experience. Among all best features, one of them is that they propose to guarantee an additional score of 4 points or money back, which makes them unique

You will be getting access to study materials prepared by experts for all sections. The video sessions will provide you hands-on support for accessing all sections and you can excel your grammar or vocab skills from basic to advance level with their stock of library.

There are 3 plans to subscribe to Magoosh, depending upon your requirement for your TOEFL preparation. All the features are the same, the only difference is the duration you are willing to access.

  • 1 Month – $79
  • 3 Months – $99
  • 6 Months – $149

Some of the key highlights of this course are:-

  • Analysis of your score through accurate score predictor.
  • Bundle of over 420 practice questions.
  • Access to over 140 video content.
  • Ask an expert support forum for unlimited doubt clearing.
  • Study schedule planner as per your needs.

For candidates whose exam is in a weeks’ time, Magoosh also offers a 1 week TOEFL prep plan. This is suggested for those who wish to get some last-minute tips and guidance, and also to brush up on their skills.

3. Kaplan TOEFL IBT Prep

Kaplan is a renowned institute for test prep and to date, they have trained more than 2 million in over 36 countries. Having an international presence they follow an expert methodology to train global students with proven strategies. They offer a 3 monthly self-paced course with a focused step-by-step guide to performing well on the test day.

When it comes to technology-based study, Kaplan has a smart report generator which they use to check the performance of a candidate and provide guidance on improvement wherever required. Mobile-enabled videos help in getting 24/7 access to over 190 videos with subject-based content. The best part of the course is that you can access their TOEFL IBT prep plus. It is a coursebook with updated content which now only helps in practicing for the test but also strategies to increase scores.

To subscribe to their course, they offer an easy paying installment plan of 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months with a loan option, provided you clear their eligibility. Aspirants, who want access to their valuable content and test prep support, will get a well-guided plan to score higher, or else they get their money back.


Udemy is one of the renowned platforms for your TOEFL test preparation. It will give you a clear idea of the course content. The best part is the reviews of the candidates which help to analyze the experience of the candidates. If you are having a good flair for your English ability, this course can benefit you to gather more tricks and tips.

They help in getting a 100+ score through this course and this course has been a bestseller of UDEMY, considering the rating and reviews of learners. The content developed is very much engaging to their learners which makes it easier and interested to grasp the learning faster.

What you will get in their course:-

  • 10 hours of on-demand content
  • Accessibility through mobile and TV
  • 25 Downloadable resources
  • 2 Practice test
  • Full-time access
  • Assignments
  • Certificate on completion

The goal is to guide you complete step by step and to give you updated and valuable content to perform in the test. The module is prepared to keep into consideration the requirement of quick learning for each section. If you have to write on a specific topic, you will be provided with a word-by-word template for a quick and easy method to put up your thoughts, which makes it very effective for a learner to grasp things fast and apply them during the test.

As we know TOEFL exam is not only about writing a test, it is also a test of your knowledge. Therefore, practicing their content will be a boost to your knowledge up-gradation.

5. Online TOEFL practice test by ScoreNexus

ScoreNexus specializes in understanding a student’s TOEFL situation and help them as per their current English ability. They offer practice tests prepared by American TOEFL experts and if you done some preparation and developed your skills, then this practice test will help you to upgrade new concepts and test giving experience.

First and foremost, before going for your TOEFL preparation you must always analyze yourself. This is an important exercise that is done by ScoreNexus by analyzing an aspirant’s strengths and weaknesses. The report is provided to the candidate and guided accordingly for improving their score.

The best part is that you can either subscribe for the full test or, if you are planning to improve on a particular section you can subscribe for a single section too. Also, if you want to go for a demo test you can do so and take the experience here.

Every test data will be shared with you and delivered to you with valuable feedback from the American TOEFL experts to help you to provide more score-making tips.

6. TOEFL Test preparation with Andrea

Been in TOEFL preparation for the past 14 years, Andrea Giordano is a renowned teacher of TOEFL and her expertise in the English language has helped many students to crack the test with 100+ scores. She has been associated with a lot of universities and International corporations and is recognized more because of her love for English teaching.

If you stuck in your grammatical knowledge, her guidance will be the right choice to go for. You can develop your English punctuation skills by identifying the mistakes and how to avoid those mistakes, by downloading a free eBook here.

Vocabulary plays a huge role in your TOEFL preparation and it is an important module in Andrea’s course. You can access her vocabulary bundle course combining audio, video, and PDF content to bucket yourself with nice English words. Her methodology of teaching is very engaging and the way of approaching the students to provide valuable strategies is very effective. She has a great understanding of student psychology and delivers as per the need of a strategically based preparation in all the sections.

Get access to her pronunciation upgrading video course to improve your speaking skills. There are 25 video lessons you may need, which will help you to speak clearly on your topics. 


We would like to conclude by saying that TOEFL preparation requires a lot of effort to get to your desired score. Though there are enough institutes to go for, the purpose here is to provide you the names of the best ones from where students have been benefitted.

But before going for any course we would recommend you to analyze what your requirements are. The reason is to make you get linked to the best choice as per your need. Learning English is never an easy job and writing a TOEFL exam will be challenging if you don’t go with complete preparation and from a proper institute.

Read the features offered by the institutes to make you educate about the course contents.  Always be confident in your day-to-day learning process and with some dedication and time, you will feel the difference. With these words, we would take your leave and will see you in the next article.

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