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data science training

With so many advancements in technology, the demand for data specialists is growing. In the past few years, this is one career that has seen more than a 25% increase in demand. Established companies and even upcoming firms spend huge sums of money in this area. The swift rate at which things change contributes to the rush for the career. There is a chance that completing a course in this career may open door to many opportunities.

 The good news is that as long as many companies continue opening up, the demand will also continue to rise. Experts estimate that this trend is here to stay because of the demand for data services. These come from various stakeholders and sectors of industry. With such a background, you can only expect a bright future in this lucrative career.

To make your learning easier we have listed some of the renowned institutes that offer the best online data science training. We understand the critical aspects of learning a data science program which includes gathering knowledge of statistics and coding. Based on their thorough research, we have come up with some of the best-reviewed platforms that deliver the best in this industry.

List of Institutions

  • Arizona state university – Big Data Mastertrack Certificate
  • Udemy – Complete Data Science Bootcamp
  • Udemy Data Science A-Z
  • Coursera – IBM data science professional certificate
  • UC San Diego-MicroMasters program in Data science

The above list brings out some of the top institutions in the field of data science. You are set for a good start when you earn a qualification from them.

1. Arizona state university – Big Data Mastertrack Certificate

This is an institution with a proven record of quality and has been one of the top choices for Data Science aspirants. When you look at their degree, it covers all the aspects you may need for data analytics, visualization, well-researched techniques for data mining and machine learning. With them, you get a program that is current and evidence-based with an objective to offer you learning as per what is demanded by this industry today.

This MasterTrack certificate is structured by splitting the Master’s program into online modules. Designed with real-world projects, a learner gets a highly engaging interactive learning experience. Feedback on your projects is very important that can help you to improve and learn more. The guidance offered to you is not only theoretical but also supports you with interactive global webinar sessions. Some of the key benefits of this Course:

  • Get live interaction from experts and feedback.
  • Team-based learning experience
  • Real-world projects to boost your employability
  • University issued MasterTrack certificate
  • Opportunity to earn credits towards a degree.

When you look at the online delivery system, it even gives you room to gain more. The fact that you will determine your pace is enough to give you the freedom. But that is only the starting point. A qualification from this institution is well recognized by the industry. It is performance-oriented that allows you to produce results when you in employment. With the Big Data Mastertrack Certificate, you are set on a good start.

2. Complete Data Science Bootcamp 2021 – Udemy

Our next choice for you is the complete Data Science Bootcamp offered by Udemy. It will allow you to enjoy the many benefits of the course. You will have several options to compare from and select the best fit for your needs. This is a part that needs sorting out before you make your final choice.

Lest assured, you have the best comprehensive course. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee where you start from nowhere and end up as a professional. By the time you go through the 30 days, you will be ready to get some more. That is the beauty of dealing with world-class experts who mean business. They have the confidence to guarantee a money-back policy because they offer the best.

With comprehensive learning, you will understand the mathematics behind machine learning, statistics-based analysis, and deep learning. Some key benefits of this course are:

  • Creating machine learning algorithm in python
  • Learning on pre-process data
  • Working on Real-life business cases
  • Understanding the power of deep neural networks
  • Usage of state of the art  Deep learning frameworks
  • Performing linear and logistic regressions in Python and many more…

If you are happy with the prospect of learning Python programming, this is your chance to go for it. In fact, after learning the coding techniques from here you are ready for industry.

3. Data Science A-Z: Real Life Data Science Exercises

Under Udemy, you also have a Data science A-Z course. This is a course that allows you to get a firm hold on machine language. By completing their Real-life Data Science exercises you get to explore the world of machine learning and programming. From time to time, they undergo revision so that they remain within the practice.

A data scientist has to go through a lot on a daily basis like corrupt data and various irregularities. To be very proficient in their approach their basics have to be right and so does this course do at firsthand.  With a full overview of the process, the key things that you will learn are:

  • The process to prepare your data for analysis by cleaning it
  • Performing basic visualization of your data
  • Modeling of your data
  • Curve-fit your data techniques
  • Learning on presentation skills for your finding and how to wow the audience

You can understand why the hours you spend are not put to waste. This is because the language of machine learning is useful every day and all based on real-world scenarios. It finds many applications that can make a difference in your career which can add value. Of course, we are talking about adding value to your profession and making it take you places.

4. Coursera – IBM data science professional certificate

This is another popular online platform with credible data science training courses and out of them one of the most demanded Data Science courses is offered by IBM. This is a package that you can trust all the way which will help you to get a heads up on your career.

As long as you are ready to take your career to another level, this gives you a good start. You have this opportunity while enjoying your freedom to do other things. An online program from a reputable institution gives you the freedom to be happy and to choose to get the best education in the comfort of your home.

A beginner who has no prior experience can learn data science very easily with a flexible schedule. Also after course completion, you will be offered a completion certificate to add to your profile. Some of the key benefits of your learning here:

  • Practical skills that apply to real jobs
  • Hands-on Industry projects that can help in building your portfolio
  • Teaching provided by top companies and institutions
  • A digital badge from IBM that can recognize your proficiency level
  • Learning available in different International languages
  • Learning on Skills like Pandas, Numpy, Ipython, Cloud Databases, SQL, etc.

Does that sound like a deal you want to trust? Of course, it is a program you have to bank on and try out right away so that you can enhance your job opportunities. Landing a job at that dream company is never an easy task. You have to prove your worth too and an IBM data science qualification gives you that chance.

5. UC San Diego-MicroMasters program in Data science

This is a qualification you have to try out especially if you are a beginner and have already made up your mind for data science training. This is yet another institution with a well-packaged program that allows you to shine. It takes you through the various aspects of data analysis that assure you at the end of the day some huge lucrative offers in today’s market.

Structured in 4 graduate-level courses this program runs for the duration of 10 months. You have to dedicate 9 – 11 hours per week and the learnings that you will cover here are:

  • Visualizing complex data
  • The learning model of data using machine learning
  • Load and clean real-world data
  • How to use Apache spark for data analyzing.

Many employers will be ready to take you on because you have gone for the right tools. There are challenges that await your expertise. You will enjoy working on each one of them with a wide smile, and as long as you visit online, you will get all the access you need to this program.


With all these online options available, what is your next step? Well, it is all up to you to get started immediately. But the bottom line is that you need to have a basic understanding of the required skills to become a data scientist. All the above explained online data science training courses have almost common subject knowledge but their deliverables may differ. Thus it is suggested to enroll after understanding your requirements as per your knowledge level on the subject. Hopefully, this helps you to find the right course, and if you would like to share your suggestion kindly put it down in the comments below.

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