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Design Thinking Online Courses

Top Design Thinking Online Courses listed for Learning along with Certification

Design thinking is primarily a phenomenon that aids you in renovating the method through which you develop products, services, processes, and organizations. Instead of determining client demands through past data and making an instinctive decision consequently, that may be risky; design thinking relies on observation and then applying practical tools to develop an understanding of what consumers need and provide innovative solutions.

This facilitates organizations in developing products and solutions that have a reduced associated risk factor. To understand the in-depth concepts with practical examples, we have researched some of the best design thinking online courses for a better conceptual and practical learning exposure for our readers.

Having widespread applicability across many industries, the design thinking process is considered a linear, non-repetitive innovative means of prioritizing customer needs. By better understanding the target customers, then defining problems and creating solutions; this process of design thinking will help to develop prototypes and testing them in the market; thereby challenging the pre-existing suppositions.

Design thinking online courses

Considering the importance of adopting a human-centric approach to problem-solving and producing products and solutions, it would be useful to learn the ropes of the skill that will benefit you in understanding the target market needs in real-time and adopt tools and techniques to develop customer-oriented products and solutions and consequently create a niche for your brand. The selected list of design thinking online courses are created just to help you understand the concept easily and the different step-by-step process involved in it.

Let’s look at a few great designs thinking online certification courses:

  • Design thinking: Design for new experiences by Jason Severs (SkillShare)
  • Design thinking for beginners: Develop innovative ideas (Udemy)
  • Complete design thinking master class by Andy Woynarowski (Udemy)
  • Masterclass in Design Thinking, Innovation & Creativity (Udemy)
  • Design Thinking: How to use Creative Problem Solving for Better Design by Andy Budd (Skillshare)

1. Design thinking: Design for new experiences by Jason Severs (SkillShare)

This course by Jason Severs is designed to aid in learning how to generate a creative thought process and apply it in organizing, arranging, and hence improving things around us. A seasoned Executive Creator at Frog, Jason Severs covers the concept of research, idea generation, storytelling and strategizing, in a comprehensive 90-minute session. The course also provides individuals with a hands-on learning experience, by applying their learning of the course to a special class project.

Course features:

  • The course will aid the audience in getting an insight into the thought process of designers and understand how they apply the design principles of conversations and human emotions and empathy and then design ideas based on those assessments.
  • The trainees will also learn how they can incorporate the significant aspects of past practices and integrate them with the new technologies for innovative idea generation through design games introduced during the session.
  • The course helps understand the role of research for innovative idea generation and how to observe and perceive work processes from a fresh perspective and get involved in the observations process through simulation and interviews.
  • During the session, the audience will learn to organize their insights and assess the effectiveness of their insights through tools and techniques that will help create a visualization of the data.
  • The class project includes the development of a visual journey map comprising of ideas and observations, representing the customer experience and developing a comprehensive insight of the journey, and then use the information to develop a customer-centric product and service. Individuals will then learn how to make their designs tangible

This course is beneficial in learning the strategies for designing new experiences. If you are a designer or a professional, or an individual who wants to stimulate social change, this course is for you.

2. Design thinking for beginners: Develop innovative ideas (Udemy)

The design thinking course is an introductory course designed to aid beginning learners to learn the detailed process of design thinking and enable an understanding of its applicability and the derived benefits. The course takes learners through the five steps involved in design thinking in comprehensive detail.

Learners will come out of this course with a new perspective on how they can help revolutionize the concept of problem-solving and design products and services that are based on consumer preferences or situations in real-time and hence further their cause.

Course features:

  • The course comprises a one-hour-long video, along with research references that can be downloaded, a detailed article and assignments, and a practical test for candidates for self-assessment.
  • The course will facilitate detailed learning of the five steps of the design thinking process, helping individuals learn the importance and art of empathy through careful observation, research, and interaction.
  • The audience will learn how to draw inferences from the information gathered from the research and the work done to infer empathy.
  • This is further followed by guiding ideation to help resolve problems through the process of brainstorming.
    The course then outlines the development of a prototype to tangibly develop the ideas and test those prototypes to assess their effectiveness.
  • Trainees will also be enabled an understanding of how they can incorporate storytelling to pitch design thinking to their respective organizations.
  • Throughout the course, individuals will be working on their project applying key learning to the project, and assessing the implications.
  • Popularly used at Stanford and IDEO, this course is perfect for students who are new to the concept of design thinking and those who want to refresh their learning of the core concept of the design thinking process.

Employees in organizations who want an innovative approach towards idea generations, or the members of HR who want to develop people-oriented training and programs, and members of the production department who want to develop products and services that would enhance user experience; can majorly benefit from this course.

3. Complete design thinking master class by Andy Woynarowski (Udemy)

The complete design thinking master class is the ultimate guide on the design thinking process that teaches all there is to know about design thinking. It is taught by Andy Woynarowski, an experienced designed expert and a seasoned professional influencing the business landscape of design in Europe.

Course features:

  • This course is designed on lines of direct impact and focus and teaches the precise elements involved in the design thinking process from observation to idea generation leading to development, testing, and then delivery of the product or service.
  • The course provides knowledge-filled vlogs, multiple resource materials, specifically the ebook on design thinking by Andy Woynarowski in PDF format.
  • During the course, the trainees will get a hand on learning experience through a real-life business case scenario. This will enable the audience to apply the tools and techniques learned in real-time.
  • The course includes 29 detailed methods assimilated to enable individuals to learn how the entire design thinking process works. It will provide an insight into the accumulation of useful and practical information, data analysis, problem troubleshooting, idea generation based on the inferences gathered, as well as prototyping, testing, and then impact delivery.

The course guarantees to provide a detailed concept of the design thinking process through real-life examples. Coming out of this course you will be able to cater to design challenges, understand, assess and address customer requirements and develop solutions, products, or services that are effective in real-time.

4. Masterclass in Design Thinking, Innovation & Creativity (Udemy)

Our next in the list of the best design thinking online courses is a masterclass created by Rinat Sherzer. Developed to help product owners, UX designers, User researchers, or entrepreneurs you will learn very deeply about your target audience along with uncovered insights.

In his 12 years of training, he has not only helped thousands of learners learn design thinking but also has helped major fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Pfizer. The best part of his training is the innovative case studies he uses to make his learner widen their knowledge base. As it is all about mastering creative techniques for problem-solving, this masterclass is well researched and designed to fulfill your learning requirements.

Course Features:

  • Understanding the target audiences with in-depth analysis through various proven research methodologies.
    Learning on the complete design thinking process from inception to validation, using own challenges for a better understanding of its process.
  • Using problems into opportunities by structuring or reframing them, and thorough brainstorming for new ideas for implementation.
  • Creating a well-crafted prototype for the solution generated and working on it by testing with real users as a research

With a tremendous set of features apart from the above-mentioned, you will have updated downloadable resources to get along with the subject. Lifetime access to this course will help you to have the content with you for future references. This course is completed when you successfully finish the assignment which will help you to get a certification.

5. Design Thinking: How to use Creative Problem Solving for Better Design by Andy Budd (Skillshare)

The creator of this course, Andy Buddy is a renowned UX designer and CEO of Clearleft has been an inspiration for many of his learners. With his years of experience, he has helped top-notch companies like BBC, Virgin, and Penguin to grow their business through digital transformation.

Having a stronghold in design thinking he is contributing his experience for new learners with all the modern approach required to his learners. Problem-solving has to be unique or creative and thus his learners have reviewed him as one of the best tutors who deliver as the best thinker.

Be it any problem he has some of the best formulae for a quick and productive solution. Throughout the course, you will be involved with various exercises and some of them are Empathy maps, Job Stories, Press releases or cover stories, Business model canvas, Running a 6UP process, and Physical Prototype, to name a few.

So if you are a beginner this course is highly suggested as you will be taken through all the step by step processes from basic to advance level. Apart from it, you will be doing a hands-on project with the learning that you will gather. Implementing his strategies will help you to complete it with ease and you can complete it with a certification.


Our team of experts has listed the above best design thinking online courses based on the learning methods as reviewed best by the learners. Out of them, some are senior-most working professionals who have referred the teaching as the best in the industry. We believe your learning will be boosted with highly researched tools and techniques that are required by top organizations. We hope this article will help you with insights into the best design thinking courses and for any suggestions do let us know in the comments below.