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Digital Photography Fun of learning

Do you like to skillfully capture moments on your camera so that your clicks can portray some meaningful thought to the public? Usually, we all love to click pictures whenever we visit a beautiful place or just to keep the moment alive in our memory. But for many people, it becomes a hobby over a period of time, and thus choose digital photography as a professional career.

Doing Photography is a beautiful way to express your thought and one of the reasons behind successful photographers getting well recognized. In the 21st century when the world has moved digitally, there has been a huge demand for people who have skills in photography. The concept has evolved through decades and with technology, this has really helped this industry and also newcomers.

We all have different skills and if you have found your hobby of photography to be your new profession then this article is for you. Your skills and your thought are the primary factors that can make you shine here and thus your creativity along with some learning from the best tutors can help you take the further step to start what you love to do.

Our team of experts has listed the top talents in the industry of photography who have trained thousands of newcomers over the years. We have researched and listed down the best-reviewed online photography courses that you can do today to kickstart your career.

List Of Best Online Digital Photography Courses:

  • Photography Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Photography
  • Easy DSLR Digital Photography Course: Advanced
  • Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialization
  • Fundamentals of Digital Image & Video Processing
  • iPhone Photography | Take Professional photos on your phone

1. Photography Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Photography

If you have just started doing photography but do not have a good camera then this course is for you. It is designed to help beginners learn the basics and then upgrading their skillset is what you will be trained in here. Also, It is not mandatory for you to have any prior knowledge.

You should only have a smartphone to start and will be trained on the methods that can help you improve your photo clicking techniques. As a photographer, you must know your equipment well so that you can get the quality as per its capacity. Understanding camera gears and their use, Master shooting in manual mode, using proper lighting and composition is something which you will be trained here too. You will also learn how to edit photos and any changes you want to do to make them much better.

Some of the key highlights of this course:

  • Learning how to take family portraits, Landscape, Aerial, & Wildlife, etc.
  • Light techniques with flash and natural lightening.
  • How to make money with photography?
  • Knowing your camera and knowledge of its manual settings.
  • How to take better pictures with a smartphone?
  • Composing images and basic photography rules.
  • Knowledge of editing like a professional.

To add up your learning in various conditions some of the styles that you will learn are Portrait, Landscape, Product, Low light, Event and wedding, DSLR, Wildlife, Street and Night photography, and many more. Professional photographers always improve their process and so do their money-making capabilities. Therefore you must have guidance as to how your photos can sell and thus you can start your learning here.

2. Easy DSLR Digital Photography Course: Advanced

Our next best course selected for you is the advanced version of Easy DLSR Digital Photography. Looking at the tremendous evolution in the creativity of photographers, this course has upgraded itself by looking at what is required. The best part is that it upgrades regularly so that it helps learners to stay updated with new technologies.

The creator, Mr. Ken Schultz has started with a blog in 2010 where he writes about Digital Photography and had pointed various tips and points. This had inspired hundreds of aspirants who were looking for valuable content for developing their skills. With his huge experience, he has helped trained and made many successful photographers over the years.

Structured to help you progresses from basic to advance some of the key highlights of this course are:

  • Doing photography in creative scenarios like Portraits, Night photos, Nature, etc.
  • Exploring HDR imaging, and Timelapse.
  • Editing images and DSLR video, Basic to Advanced editing
  • In-depth photography techniques on creative topics.
  • Key setting and equipment for time-lapse sequences.
  • Improving photos and many more

If you have a DLSR camera then this course is best suited for you to start. You can gain extensive knowledge and skills in creative photography and videography and slowly upgrade yourself after some experience.

3. Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialization

Being offered by Michigan state university this course is focused to build a solid foundation in digital photography skillset. The specialization is designed to provide a research-based understanding of the fundamentals of composition while exploring documentaries and various creative concepts.

You have the opportunity to learn in various languages like English, Arabic, French, Portuguese and many. With the option to choose a flexible study schedule you can complete this training in 6 months approximately. You need to successfully finish their hands-on projects so that you earn their certificate on course completion. This is important as practical knowledge gives you an overall practical exposure to the subject and digital photography is all about your creative thinking and skills gathered.

Though you will learn a lot during this course, let us take you through some of the topics you will go through in this specialized program.

  • Camera, Exposure, and Photography
  • Camera Control
  • Principles of Photo Composition and Digital Image Post-Production
  • Photography Techniques: Light, Content, and Sharing
  • Photography Capstone Project

For over 150 years Michigan State University has been in the service of imparting value-based education to the world. Being considered as one of the top research-based institutes their approach towards any subject contains content based on practical studies. Therefore, if you are a beginner and are really passionate to learn digital photography you have a wonderful opportunity to choose them as your institute.

4. Fundamentals of Digital Image & Video Processing

This specialized course is based on complete knowledge of the application of tools that are used to process images and videos. Understanding the basic principles involved can solve the practical problems associated with various commercial and scientific interests.

As the digital image is evolving, it comes with various electromagnetic spectrums from visible light to gamma rays and beyond. Here lays a very important skill to learn and understand the in-depth process involved in image and video processing. Learning on the techniques of removing blur or degrading images suffer during photography which may be for any reason. Compression and transmission process that helps in editing the finest photos or videos you desire.

This course will help you to learn the mathematical aspects involved to analyze images and videos with the fundamentals of their processing. Included in the package are all the modern tools and state-of-the-art techniques with practical exposure to their usage.  The learnings you will get here are:

  • Introduction to Image and Video Processing
  • Learning on  Signals and Symptoms
  • Transformation Process of Fourier and Sampling Techniques
  • Motion Estimation
  • Enhancement of Image
  • Image Recovery: Part 1 & 2
  • Lossless Compression
  • Images and Video Compression
  • Images and Video Segmentation
  • Sparsity

Being offered by Northwestern University which is a recognized institute for its innovative teaching you will get an overall learning of their well-researched modules. You will also get a certificate on your completion after you submit your hands-on project.

5. iPhone Photography | Take Professional photos on your phone

iPhone is considered a top brand in making digital products and over the years their innovations have impressed their user which continues to do so. When we talk about many of the categories of their digital products you cannot ignore their mobile cameras.

Since their mobile camera comes with lots of innovative features and you want to use your iPhone for photography, then this course is for you. The compositions and various technicalities are different in iPhone when compared to other phones. But if you want stunning clicks in any environment you must understand your features very well for proper execution.

Either you are a beginner or an expert you can improve yourself and can learn a lot here about digital photography without spending thousands of dollars. You will get tips on how to make an impressive portfolio in your Instagram account that can catch people’s eyes. If you want to build your career in photography you can learn the complete process with great tips for building yourself as a brand.

Some of the key highlights of this course are:

  • Taking stunning photos by using shot composition
  • Understand on iPhone camera setting for taking the best clicks
  • How to create depth in your photography skills?
  • How creative photographer tells a story through their photos?
  • Utilization of surrounding lights for using it in your clicks.
  • Learnings of professional editing in Lightroom for iPhone and many more.

Being in this industry for more than 9 years, Mr. Dale McManus has inspired many photographers to use their mobile cameras for photography. His process has helped thousands of beginners save lots of money that could have incurred for taking high-resolution digital photos. He has an award-winning YouTube channel which he continuously uses to inspire many, those who want to step into this industry.


Digital Photography is all about skills and evolving within yourself by using your new thoughts for a subject. There is a huge difference between clicking photos and becoming a digital photographer. We suggest not spending thousands of dollars for buying equipment. Though these costly pieces of equipment may help you take the best clicks in difficult situations along with many benefits too. But initially, if you are having your smartphones with DSLR cameras you can initiate your thoughts by visiting places and taking clicks.

When you get the hold of it definitely a time will come when you will feel to go for more upgradation. It’s all about learning and upgradation always. There is a huge scope for anyone to establish themselves as a brand but for this, you have to plan and imagine your vision toward a subject and present your best photos to the world. Our experts have researched these aspects and through this article, we wanted to bring up the best courses for you so that your journey to become a Digital Photographer becomes fruitful through methodical learning.

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