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Learn from the researched list of Share Market Courses from the best Trainers 

Trading on various stocks is one of the most intellectual jobs which involve a lot of risks. But risks are taken for higher profits and one of a reason why many people start to invest. There was a time when many people used to invest for a guaranteed return like fixed or recurring deposits through various banks, but things have changed now. Investors look for good margins and thus investing in various profitable stocks can be a bonus if planned properly. So if you are new, then this article for the best share market courses is there to guide and help you.

If we need to understand share markets it is all about online trading of stock, i.e. buying and selling of stocks through verified platforms available. By utilizing the online share trading account, you can buy or sell shares, stocks, along with bonds, easily without the need of an intermediate agent or broker.

One of the benefits of this is that you can trade at your convenience. Plus you can keep track of how your investments are performing throughout the day. It is so easy that you can use your computer or phone to assess the details.

The growing interest in online stock trading is why many people searching for the best online share market courses. Over the years with the advancements of technology, though it has become handy to understand the interface and process, it is very important to also get along with the best techniques and tips to invest as a beginner.

We have thus highlighted some of the most effective share market courses in this article. Our experts who are in this industry for too long have made it possible for you to get the perfect learnings that you should have before you invest your hard-earned money.

List of Best Online Share Market Courses:

  • The Financial Market and Investment Strategy Specialization (Coursera)
  • The Quickstart Guide to Stock Trading (Skillshare)
  • Stock Trading With Price Action (Udemy)
  • Stock Trading Simplified: The Complete Guide for Beginners (Skillshare)
  • Advanced Stock Trading Course + Strategies (Udemy)

 1. The Financial Market and Investment Strategy Specialization (Coursera)

Our first course on the list is the Financial Market and Investment Strategy Specialization offered by Coursera. This course will help you learn how to professionally manage your assets along with securities by using portfolio management and behavioral sides to finance.

Key Highlights of the course:

1. Introduction to Financial Markets – Learn the basic concepts behind financial markets and the economy

2. Portfolio and Risk Management – Learn the concepts of risk and expected return.

3. Behavioral Investing – Discover how individuals and firms make financial decisions, also how and why these decisions may differ from those predicted using customary financial or economic theory.

4. Investment Strategy – Learn about the essential concepts of needs analysis, asset allocation, investment policy, etc.

Benefits of This Course:

1. The Investment Management Specialization teaches how to manage assets and portfolios professionally, and instructs in the behavioral areas of finance.  

2. Certain topics include an introduction to the basics of finance, how to estimate risk and determine what the expected return should be, also the behavioral part of investment strategy, and current trends.

3. The Capstone project will solve an investment project by creating an investment plan for a person at three different stages of their life.  

4. Furthermore, you’ll get graded programming assignments, graded quizzes with feedback, graded assignments with feedback from peers, self-paced learning choice, and shareable specialization and course certificates too.

2. The Quickstart Guide to Stock Trading (Skillshare)

This course is designed to help you simplify and compress information that will make you easily pick good stocks. Learning it with practical exposure is the purpose behind and the course is structured with step-by-step inputs on how and what to purchase. 

You will be completed with a hands-on project that will make you build a stock profile and a completion certificate also. The Quickstart Guide to Stock Trading (Skillshare) will give you sensible lessons on how to find your stock pick and begin building your portfolio.

Key Highlights of the course:

1. Finding the stockbroker and opening an accountant – Video will explain which account is ideal to start with and provide some stockbroker options that you can select from. 

2. Setting up the stock screener – Share inputs in the class project video.

3. Choosing the Type of Stock – You will learn any easy way to find the stock you would want to buy.

4. Buying stock – Learn how to use risk management rules. 

5. Tracking and analyzing – Learn how to track and analyze your stock.

Benefits of This Course:

In this course, you will participate in a class project and learn how to set up a stock screen. This will help to find potential stocks for your purchase that will help to build confidence by making your first trade. Your first step to the world of trading will be in the guide of the experts.

Furthermore, you will discover how you can track and analyze your stocks and find specific information on your purchases. There is an easy way to do this and it will be taught to you.

3. Stock Trading With Price Action (Udemy)

Stock trading with price action will teach you stock and commodity trading without oscillators and indicators. Designed by the JMC team it is offered on the Udemy platform that will train you from basic to advance on the trading system.

Key Highlights of the course:

1. Trading system – Certain trigger points where it is appropriate to initiate trade / stop loss and targets

2.  An entirely new and unique idea of price action in the field of technical analysis. This practice was created by JMC Team.

3.  To use Aurora Candle to obtain necessary support and resistance levels, and also breakout points.

4. Discover the universal trading rules – There are 2 principles of Dow Theory that will be explored and explained as a source of price structure.

5.  Rajinder Kumar Arora – CWM, MBA, and NCFM Certified Trainer is the instructor.

Benefits of This Course

Students will learn how to identify the energy points found on the charts, where the very powerful support and resistance levels can be formed. 

They will come to see that merely by enlisting the energy points; you can build a road map to the future.

The essential concept used and taught in this course is based on Aurora Candles and it boasts such simplicity that even a high school student is capable of understanding it.

As a bonus you will get the following 2 sections:

  • Briefing of Dow Theory 
  • Breakout strategy

The people who will benefit the most from this course are:

  • Stock/ commodities/ FOREX ( foreign exchange) traders
  • Price action strategy, chart readers, technical analysis traders
  • Those who enjoy and like research and development on new concepts

4. Stock Trading Simplified: The Complete Guide for Beginners (Skillshare)

The next best in the list of best share market courses is offered to simplify things for your journey in trading. Even if you’ve never dabbled in the stock market before, you will understand what to do and how to do it.

This course is attempted to make the learning process of stock trading as simplified as possible, by breaking down key principles and essentials for all students. It is formulated to comprehend and pass on the knowledge which industry leaders secretly keep to themselves.

You will be receiving a complete course with all the essentials and technical analysis and methods to use, all contained in one simple guide. The best thing is it has been designed and created for all levels of students to benefit from.

Key Highlights of the course:

1.  Nayem Khan – The instructor of this course is having 6 years of studying stock markets and trading experience. 

2.  Stock Trading simplified through this course with the learning of the key principles and fundamentals.

3.  Basics to advanced level concepts covered.

4.  Learn stock trading techniques and strategies, which you can implement yourself and start making money.

Benefits of This Course:

You will receive a simple explanation of exactly how to earn money in the stock market by trading stocks. This system is made easy to comprehend, but it is also direct, teaching the techniques and strategies necessary to secure profits and pare down loss.

Furthermore, not only do we simplify the whole process of learning about trading stocks, but we cover the essentials to advance level concepts. 

The results of this are that there is always something to learn, and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, advanced level trader, or intermediate. We have much to offer you, and you will gain investment and trading knowledge that will continue to help you for a lifetime.

5. Advanced Stock Trading Course + Strategies (Udemy)

Advanced Stock Trading Course & Strategies will teach you how to trade successfully in the stock market through the use of well-proven strategies. If you are a beginner or an experienced trader and want to learn strategies that can give you a good return then this course is for you.

Key Highlights of the course:

1.  Learn how to assess various financial statements and how to use them to your benefit.

2.  Learn two different Trading Strategies

3.  Track, analyze, and find trading opportunities for various Trading Strategies

4.  Develop your Trading Plan to enable you to trade with confidence

5.  Interpret the value and use of technical analysis, charts, and indicators under various circumstances.

Benefits of This Course:

The course contains material that highlights the importance to know how to trade effectively. You will obtain a top-notch understanding of what makes a fantastic trading strategy and how to create and develop such a strategy.

Here, intermediary and advanced level information will both be covered. It will be ensured that you are going to leave with a different approach to analyzing data, an approach that is based on a whole lot more than just theory.

By the conclusion of this course, you will have a complete understanding of how the Micro-Structure of the Stock Market works. You will know and understand completely how a Technical Indicator such as the VWAP is utilized.

You will come to completely understand Indexes, ETFs, the Economic Cycle, Monetary and Fiscal Policy, etc.


As stocks continue to grow in popularity, more and more people are looking to be able to make their own decisions and investments, without needing to use an intermediate agent or broker. That way, naturally, they will be able to keep most of the profits. 

However, while this is simple enough when stated as mere theory, it can become very complicated when you try to implement it. And any serious mistakes can mean a powerful blow to your savings.

That’s why it’s best to take some of the best online market courses and learn what you can about the stock market. Understanding deeply how it operates before venturing out into the financial world on your own can give you fruitful returns. You have to be prepared and remember that nothing is ever as simple as it seems, so you need to harness all the knowledge you have at your disposal.